February 8, 2017

Resources: Getting your conversation heard

On this page, you can find toolkits to help you host your own conversation and feed in to the wider debate. There is a toolkit anyone can use as well as one tailored specifically to businesses, civil society organisations and young people aged 14-19.

But, we won’t be able to use your conversation in the wider debate unless you feed it back to us! It’s important your conversation is heard so we can pass on your ideas to decision makers- There is a quick form here to complete at the end of your conversation.

These toolkits provide a guide for your conversation as well as information on getting your thoughts heard beyond this inquiry

Getting your conversation heard

For your conversation to feed into the Home Affairs Select Committee’s investigation on immigration, we need you to summarise it using this framework and submit this to us.

We are most interested to hear about the points you agreed on, as well as any constructive suggestions you want to make to the government.

General views on immigration

Some concerns we shared

Some points of agreement on local impacts and integration

Some points of agreement on refugees

Some points of agreement about EU migrants

If there were one or two things your group would want to suggest to the government, what would it be?