September 17, 2018

Final Report

National Conversation on Immigration final report

The final report of the National Conversation on Immigration presents findings from the biggest-ever public consultation on immigration.

Download the Executive Summary here

Coordinated by British Future and HOPE not hate, the National Conversation engaged 19,951 people, with more than 130 meetings in 60 locations across every nation and region of the UK. Citizens’ panels in each place were recruited to be representative of the local population and researchers also met local government, businesses, faith and civil society representatives. In addition to nationally representative research by ICM, an open online survey was completed by nearly 10,000 people.

Download the full report here 

The approach builds on a model used by the Canadian Government to help shape its own approach to immigration. One thing we’ll be calling for is that the UK Government follows their example and does more to engage the public on this important issue.

The report provides a comprehensive evidence base of public views on immigration, including reports from each of the 60 locations visited and over 40 recommendations to national and local government, business and civil society.

Some of the issues on which we make proposals for change include:

  • What are the common issues raised across the UK?
    What are the local differences and place-specific concerns?
  • How should Britain approach migration for work after Brexit?
  • How do we build public confidence in the immigration system?
  • International student migration and universities
  • Protecting refugees
  • Improving Home Office performance
  • How do we address prejudice, resentment and hate?
  • How can we make integration work better?
  • How are face-to-face discussions about immigration different to those online?
  • Can we find consensus on immigration and, if so, how?